Clean your heart rate monitor belt/electrodes after each use with water. This is important for the durability of the product.

Detach the transmitter from the belt/electrodes after use. Otherwise, the transmitter will remain active and the battery will drain very quickly. You can’t do this with the Inzone and Healthcheck, so make it clean and dry to deactivate the transmitter.

Attaching the electrodes or belt


View the video below to find out how to attach the electrodes.

When lunging and driving/trotting:

The heart rate monitor belt goes around the horse. This can either go before or behind the girth. One of the electrodes should be placed behind the left elbow.

Always make the coat of the horse very wet under the electrodes. Some horses startle from cold water, so it is recommended to use lukewarm water in the beginning.

No heart rate? How you connect the transmitter.

The H7 transmitter is the black box that you click on the electrodes or belt. It sends the heart rate via Bluetooth to your watch or phone.

But how do you ensure that the signal comes through when you are using your heart rate monitor for the first time?

  • Make sure that no other Bluetooth devices are near you. Only the transmitter and the watch or phone that you want to link.
  • Attach the electrodes or belt the right way.
  • Make the coat of the horse very wet on the spots of the electrodes. Use lukewarm water the first time, so the horse does not get startled.
  • Make sure the electrodes touch the horse by tightening the girth.
  • Click the transmitter on the electrodes or belt.
  • On the watch:
    • Press the red button on the right of your watch.
    • The watch is now searching for GPS signal and heart rate.
    • If all goes well, the heart icon appears by itself or the heart rate monitor will ask you if you want to link a new transmitter. Choose Yes.
    • If nothing happens, follow these steps:
      • Press Back (left) until you reach the watch screen.
      • Press Down (right) until you come to Settings, press the Start button (red button).
      • Click Up (top right) until you reach the General Settings and press Start.
      • You immediately see Pair and sync, press Start.
      • Press Down to Pair other device, and press Start. Keep your watch close to the transmitter.
      • Your watch is now searching for the signal from the transmitter and will ask you if you want to link it when found. Choose Yes.
  • Phone:
    • Select the app you want to use. For example Equilog or Polar Beat.
    • Find the settings in the menu and let your phone search for devices. In English this is usually called “Pair device”.

Can your watch or phone not find a signal? Then make the coat of the horse wetter . Still not working? Please feel free to contact us!


The batteries of the M430, M450, V650 and V800 can be recharged with the supplied cable.

You can replace the battery of the H7 heart rate sensor (the transmitter of all heart rate monitors, except for Inzone and Healthcheck) yourself. See the instructions in the manual below. If you replace the battery yourself, please do not forget to check the seal for damage. In case of damage, we recommend replacing it with a new seal. Recycle the battery in a correct way to protect the environment.

The battery of the FT1 watch (Inzone and Healthcheck) and the transmitter that goes with it, should be replaced at a service point. Here are the addresses where you can have the battery replaced (Authorized and central service points).

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