Polar Equine M200


Only available at Equilog: the Equine M200 for leisure and basic level sport horses. Accurately measures your horse’s heart rate. Combined with speed and distance, it provides insight in horse fitness. Wrist based heart rate to improve your own fitness. And a free app to analyse heart rates after training. Scroll down for all features.



Features Equine M200

  • Up to two numbers displayed during traing sessions, like heart rate frequency, speed, average speed and distance. Switch to other relevant data by clicking a button.
  • GPS: speed, distance and altitude.
  • Free Polar Flow webservice: plan and analyze training sessions in detail.
  • Free Polar Flow app: synchronises automatically with your watch and displays all the training data directly on your phone.
  • Chargeable battery with micro USB cable.
  • A fully charged battery will give 6 hours of training time with GPS enabled.
  • Lighted screen to ride in the dark.
  • Waterproof.
  • Compatible with the Polar H7 transmitter.
  • Automatic phone messages displayed on your watch, like sms messages or missed calls (Android messages starting 5.0 and iPhone starting iOs 8).
  • Not only applicable for your horse, but also for your own fitness: the M200 analyzes your activity and sleeping pattern. It even provides inactivity alarms!
  • Want to analyze your horse’s heart rate and your own at the same time? Pair your horse’s heart rate monitor to your phone and measure your own heart rate on the watch.

User manual and Equine getting started guide.

Package contents:

  • Polar M200 sportwatch
  • Equilog Electrodes or Polar Equine Belt including transmitter
  • USB cable
  • User manual

To measure the horse’s heart rate either choose the Equilog Electrodes or Polar Equine Belt.

  • Equilog Electrodes:
    • no hard parts, safe for the horse’s skin,
    • easy to fasten onto your saddle,
    • very accurate while riding.
  • Polar Equine Belt:
    • can be used for driving, trotting, lunging, health research and after the finish or in the vetgate during endurance or eventing competitions.

After receiving the Equine M200, you will have 14 days to return. If it does not meet your expectations, you can send it back unused and in unopened packaging. Please visit our returns page.

Polar offers a warranty period of two years, please save the invoice.


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